Terms and conditions:

  1. IFONIC is an independent service provider
  2. All technicians are selected by IFONIC management
  3. IFONIC’s role is to meet technician with customers, and provide the needed spareparts.  
  4. IFONIC provides a 30 day warranty for parts replacement services according to initial damage.
  5. IFONIC provides 14 days warranty for machine failure.
  6. IFONIC is not responsible for any damage or other problems beyond repair service or replacement / repair parts.
  7. All loss / damage to data and third party applications in the unit is outside our responsibility, especially if it is completely dead
  8. Repair efforts may result in the risk of work accidents causing other damage to the customer’s unit. If this happens, compensation that can be provided by IFONIC is a maximum of 1 times the stipulated service fee, or a maximum of IDR 3,000,000 (three million rupiah).
  9. Money that has been paid cannot be refund.
  10. IFONIC is not responsible for unit stays that have been completed or canceled and are not taken for more than 60 days.
  11. Accessories / Hard Disk / SIM Card / SIM Tray are brought by the customer.
  12. Transfer account: Bank BCA a / n Arif Rizal Maulana, n o. account: 5865280421 or  Bank BNI a / n Arif Rizal Maulana, no. account 0380585007. If our technicians give a different number Bank Account during payment, please confirm to our admin.
  13. Customers can contact IFONIC via the Whatsapp Chat center: 0812-9449-9418
  14. By placing an order for service, it means that the customer has understood and agreed to all these terms and conditions (including the warranty terms), as stated on this website.
  15. We don’t cover any minus condition/harm/damage that can’t be checked before.

IFONIC adalah jasa service iPhone yang melayani perbaikan home service atau panggilan ke tempat pelanggan. Saat ini kami beroperasi di wilayah Jabodetabek.


(Office) Kebagusan City Tower C, Kec. Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Catatan: Selama pemberlakuan physical distancing, kantor sementara hanya bisa diakses oleh staf tertentu. Namun kami tetap beroperasi secara online dengan mengirim teknisi ke tempat pelanggan untuk perbaikan ataupun antar jemput unit. Semua teknisi kami dijamin sehat, steril, dan dilengkapi dengan pelindung yang memadai (melakukan rapid test, menggunakan masker dan hand sanitizer).


No. Telp (WA): 0812 9449 9418

Email Admin: halo.ifonic@gmail.com / ifonic.service@gmail.com

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